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Surprising Lessons You Can Learn from “Player” RooshV

30. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

RooshV just released his latest – and, he claims, his last – sexual tourism book Banging Ukraine. Now, we’re not suggesting you buy it – RooshV himself has admitted that efforts in Ukraine were almost entirely unsuccessful and that, even when his game goes well, he finds the whole endeavor generally unsatisfying – but, there is still a lot you can learn from what he’s chosen to share about his new guide. (We’re not linking his site here, but, a quick search can reveal RooshV’s complaints about his chosen lifestyle and his lack of success with the ladies of Ukraine.)


RooshV complains that women over 25 in Ukraine are all looking for a husband. This is bad news for the guy who only wants one night stands with foreign ladies. But, if you are a serious gentleman seeking a long-term relationship, RooshV’s scarcity is your bounty. Your chances of meeting a marriage-minded lady from Ukraine are high.


RooshV complained that his usual ruses fell flat. Ukrainian ladies aren’t dumb. A guy like him is instantly recognized as a sex tourist and promptly rejected. What’s the lesson here? Be upfront, serious and a gentleman to get Ukrainian ladies’ attention and respect.


RooshV complained that his ROI in Ukraine was terrible. Women were – shockingly! – not falling into bed with him on the first date. What can a guy who has more than 24 hours to commit to a relationship learn? To be patient, cultivate common interests, and put in the effort necessary to get to know Ukrainian ladies.


According to RooshV, Ukrainian women don’t drink a lot. We’ll skip over why his problem with that is a problem, and head straight toward what all of that means for you, a serious, relationship-minded gentleman. Knowing that the lady you want to get to know better would prefer a coffee date puts you ahead. You can earn points by suggesting outings that she is likely to enjoy. And, knowing that your chances of winding up with a party girl are low can only fall in the plus column.


He complains that Ukrainian ladies did not get his sense of humor. What clever gentlemen can take from this is a realization that Ukraine and America have different cultures. If you don’t initially get one another’s jokes, or if there are misunderstandings in your emails, you know to be patient, and seek clarification. It takes time to get to know someone who comes from your own country; becoming close to someone from another culture takes even more time and patience. Knowing that going in, you can manage your expectations and be up and ready for what the relationship is going to take. 


The biggest takeaway? Don’t think of her tastes, culture and dating style as hurdles getting in your way, but fascinating differences that are part of the experience of building a relationship with someone wonderful. Haven’t found that special lady yet? Log on now to see who is online and looking for love.