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Survey Helps Explain "What Do Russian Women Want?"

6. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

A survey conducted by The Center for Demography & Ecology of Man indicated that only 535 out of 1,000 Russian women were married. The survey showed that 50% of Russian women were either never married, lost a spouse, or were remaining single by choice.

Another study showed that Russian women prefer the men that they marry to be strong and stoic figures, who are intelligent and able to provide for their families. A Russian woman wants a husband, who is not just interested in protecting her, but who also aims to serve as a protector for the entire family.

Russian women known as being extremely devoted, usually strongly believe that the man who they choose to marry is her one true love.

Although Russian women seem to expect a lot from the men that they choose to date, they also expect a lot from themselves as well. Keeping up with personal hygiene and appearance are important to many Russian women. However, besides this, many Russian women are often times intelligent and educated women.

In my perspective, Russian women long for the same thing in a man that American women are seeking to find. If you’re a man, the good news is, you don’t always have to “have the look,” but displaying strength, safeguarding skills and intelligence is liable to get you far with your new potential Russian bride!