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Syrniki: Cheap and Cheesy, Crispy yet Creamy

1. February 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

When thinking about food of the former Soviet Union, some imagine the rich, hearty breads of Ukraine and the delicious Russian pirogi pies. Others consider the warm, satisfying soups such as borscht to be the iconic cuisine.


Another mouthwatering meal that should not be missed while visiting hot Russian brides is syrniki, pronounced sihr-NEE-kee.


The name means “cheese” in both Russian and Ukrainian languages, so this breakfast or dessert delight is commonly called fried cheesecake or curd cheese pancakes. It can even be served as a side dish during lunch!


Syrniki are made from creamy quark cheese, known as tvorog in Russian. The dry, soft white cheese is mixed with flour, egg, and sugar, shaped into round cakes, and then pan fried in vegetable oil. The outside turns crispy, while the inside is warm and creamy. Before serving, the treat is often topped with sour cream, jam, honey, or a fruit sauce called kissel.


Farmer’s cheese, goat cheese, and even drained cottage cheese can be used to create syrniki, while vanilla, cinnamon, lemon, and other flavoring can also be added. Conjure up some culinary courage and cook this signature dish for your favorite Ukrainian bride!