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Take Your Time When Courting Russian Brides

2. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

You were enchanted from the first moment you saw her picture. The two of you began to chat, and you really hit it off. It’s completely understandable for you to want to pledge your heart immediately and zip off to the FSU right now to make her your bride. But, take a deep breath before you send that message! Coming on too strong or too quick can scare the lady off.


The allure of a quick fix – a mail order bride – can be strong. But, real relationships do not work that way. Remember, dating takes time and commitment. But, when you put in honest effort to win a lady’s affections, your chances of finding love abroad.


Love Takes Time

Infatuation is a strong emotion. It can make you feel extremely close to someone, despite the fact that you don’t know much about them yet! Take the time to learn about more about who that beautiful lady is: what her values are, what she does for fun, what she wants out of life. You can’t know that she’s the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with until the two of you have had these long conversations where you discuss who you are and where you are going, hopefully together.


Take Time to Show That You Are Serious

If you ask her to marry you in the first conversation, she is not going to take you seriously. How does she know that you don’t propose marriage to every lady who uses the site? The only way to convince her that you are serious about your affection for her is to take the time to properly court her. 


Marrying and Moving Abroad Is a Big Step

When a Russian lady marries a gentleman who lives in, to her, a foreign country, it means moving far away from everything she has ever known. Family is very important in Russian culture, and even the most adventurous lady will feel a sense of caution. She will want to know, for sure, that she has picked someone with whom she wishes to spend the rest of her life. Take time to let her get to know you before expecting her to drop everything and jump on a plane.