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Take a Bite Out of Your Favorite Horror Villain

19. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Predator ice creamThe Russian marketing company that brought us Darth Vader’s head in delicious, cool blueberry is back with something just for lovers of horror films. Stoyn’s upcoming line of iconic frozen confections will let fans take a bite of their favorite 1980s horror characters.


As always, the flavors are as unusual as the presentation. The toothy beast from Predator comes in cool green celery melon. Child’s Play’s Chuckie is presented in sweet apple/carrot. Freddie’s burned visage is represented by a spicy tomato and hot pepper combo. Other flavors include a cheesecake Jason and blue curacao Pinhead.


The highly detailed frozen treats are made with Dolce Bacio ice cream and use Russian-sourced ingredients.  Stoyn’s treats have been featured in art shows in both Moscow and Miami, so, keep an eye out for these unusual edibles near you. No word on the exact release date. The posters just promise, somewhat eerily, "Soon."