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Taking It to the Next Level: Intimacy Requests

9. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

fitness instructor CutieYanaOnce a gentleman and that special lady have gotten to know each other better, the time will come that they will want to communicate more freely, and even meet in person. But, before a lady and gentleman are able to do that, they must go through the Intimacy Request process.


A simple check list of things a gentleman should have lined up to move on to the next step:


Getting to Know a Special Lady Well First

Most ladies prefer to get to know a gentleman before giving him her personal contact details. It is best to spend a little time getting acquainted on our site before jumping in. Also, let her know that you wish to submit the Intimacy Request so that it does not come as a surprise.


Becoming a Qualified Member

For a gentleman to submit an Intimacy Request, he must be a qualified member of Hot Russian Brides ®. To do this, he must hold a current premium membership on the site and have used at least 1,000 credits.


Completing the IMBRA Process

Once you are a Qualified Member, you can get the IMBRA process out of the way so that you have the ability to send Intimacy Requests. Refer to your IMBRA checklist for simple steps to completion and to track your progress. If you need any assistance, customer service is happy to help. Once IMBRA is completed, you can send Intimacy Requests.


Waiting for a Response

After a gentleman has initiated an Intimacy Request, the request is sent to the lady for approval. It can sometimes take a little while to get approval if she has not been to the agency to check her messages. If she accepts, the couple now has the opportunity to exchange personal contact information and make plans for the future. Remember that accepting a request does not mean that a lady is now required to share information – each lady will have her own preference for what details she wishes to share. It’s best to talk about this with your special lady before submitting your request to ensure that you are on the same page. And remember, our company does not sell ladies' contact details. All shared information is at the lady's option.


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