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Talented Russian Athlete Skating for Australia

8. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian-born speed skater Tatiana Borodulina

As a child growing up in Omsk, Russia, Tatiana Borodulina began figure skating at age 8. That was the popular sport of the town, but Tatiana wanted more risk and danger so began training for speed skating.


While most skaters excel in either the shorter or longer tracks, Tatiana trains for them all with as many as 10 training sessions each week. She competed in World Cup competitions for Russia, making the podium twice in 2005, and was also the overall European champion with gold and silver medals.


While competing in Torino for the Russian Olympic Team in 2006, she made it to the 1500 meter final but fell short of placing. Then she decided to move to Australia, becoming a citizen in September 2009. She quickly became the first Australian skater to win a World Cup event and was named the 2009 Australian Ice Racing Skater of the Year.


Tatiana Borodulina currently boasts a world ranking of third and was the first athlete selected for Australia’s Vancouver squad. She’ll be competing in the 500m, 1000m, and 1500m races.


Tatiana will skate for Australia's Olympic Team


Source: The Age

Photos: foxsports.com.au, olympics.com.au