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Tasty Treats for Russian Easter

31. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Paskha, the Russian Easter dish

Paskha is the Russian word for Easter, but this same name also describes a traditional dish made especially for this highly regarded holiday. Several other tasty treats and special customs are also carried out this time of year. 


The traditional Easter dish known as paskha is molded into a pyramid shape and appears white in color. The shape symbolizes the church and the color represents the purity of Christ. The main ingredient that contributes to the color and moldable consistency is a type of fresh cheese, known as tvorog, quark, or curd. Add in some butter, eggs, sour cream, along with fruits, spices, and nuts, and you have a traditional Russian Easter delicacy.


Paskha is complemented by another dish called kulich, meaning Easter cake. This dessert is baked like bread, with the traditional ingredients of flour, yeast, eggs, and milk. Fruits, nuts, rum, and saffron are often added to sweeten the flavor. This tall, cylindrical cake-like bread is topped with icing and decorated with the Cyrillic letters X and B, which stand for “Christ is Risen”, the traditional Russian Easter greeting. This greeting, khristosovanie, is often followed by another customary treat - a triple kiss on alternating cheeks!


Kulich, Russian Easter cake


Many Russians and Ukrainians fill baskets with paskha, kulich, and flowers and bring them to Easter church services to be blessed by the priests. Some baskets will also contain pysanky, Ukrainian decorated eggs, or the traditional Russian Easter eggs which are red. Russian eggs are dyed by boiling them in red onion peels, with the color symbolizing the blood of Christ.


Priests blessing Easter baskets in Lviv, Ukraine


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