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The 3 S's of First Impressions

7. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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There are millions of single men searching for love online. Why should a hot Russian bride give YOU a chance? Because you know how to make a great first impression! Even if you don’t, you can learn how to right here. In order to keep more gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian girls coming back for more, remember the 3 S’s of first impressions.



The first step is to show the ladies that you are an interesting and exciting guy. This means posting creative profile photos and detailed descriptions about yourself. Avoid online dating clichés or you’ll look the same as all the others. You want to show your individuality and stand out from the rest.



What you say to a Russian woman right at the start will help her form an opinion of you. Open with a specific yet brief compliment about her photos or her profile information. Be careful not to overdo it. Next, talk about a mutual interest so she knows you have something in common. Come across as intelligent by typing with proper spelling and grammar. Too much slang and abbreviations can be confusing.



Dating hot Russian brides online gives two opportunities for first impressions. The first is when you meet online and the second is when you meet in person. While “what you say” is incredibly important, the “way you say it” will matter too once you start chatting over the phone and face to face. Some gentlemen get so nervous or excited that they sound timid and shy. Others are the opposite, trying to exude confidence and assertiveness to the point of sounding rude or aggressive. Practice speaking with a positive, pleasing tone at a moderate pace.


Now get ready to impress some sexy Ukrainian brides by being mindful of what you show, what you say, and how you sound. You only have about 30 seconds when you first meet to set that crucial first impression so make it count!