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The 6 Most Common Myths About International Dating

7. January 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

International dating is perhaps one of the world’s most misunderstood industries. Everyone thinks they know about global dating sites, but few really understand the reality. Here are six myths we at Hot Russian Brides have repeatedly encountered in our 10 years of helping international couples connect and why the myths just aren’t true. 

The Women on International Dating Sites Are for Sale

By far, the most common myth about international dating is that men can buy women from global dating sites. One only has to take a peek at resources like Yahoo Answers to see that many people think men can literally order brides from a catalog. However, this simply isn’t true. The women on global dating sites are no more for sale than the women on mainstream sites. International dating services, including HotRussianBrides.com, are nothing more than niche services catering to men and women who’d like to meet singles from other countries. That's it!

Anyone Can Get a Foreign Bride

On a similar note, many people think any Western man can get a woman from an international dating site, regardless of his looks or personality. The reasoning is that women from struggling nations are desperate to move abroad and will marry just about any foreign man who shows interest. However, this is also a blatant falsehood. The men on HRB, and other global dating sites, must offer a woman much more than a foreign address. Despite what some might think, the women with international dating services aren’t eager to leave their friends, family, and country behind.

The Women on International Dating Sites Are Scammers

While many people think the women on international dating sites are commodities that can be bought and sold, others view them as conniving scammers out to make a quick buck (or hryvnia). The internet is full of tales of devious women who allegedly conned men out of money or gifts, while other horror stories feature “green card scammers,” women who divorce their husbands as soon as they’re legal residents of their adopted country. Though devious women certainly exist, the horror stories are much exaggerated and can often be attributed to misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations, or sour grapes.

Global Dating Sites Are Human Trafficking Rings

Other people believe international dating sites are nothing more than human trafficking rings in disguise. In other words, that the women with global dating sites are forced to use the service and are essentially prostitutes available to the highest bidder. This is completely false. While it’s possible that some international sites have nefarious dealings, the vast majority are niche sites catering to open-minded singles looking for love abroad.

The Women on International Dating Sites Are Submissive

Some men are drawn to international dating sites because they believe women from other countries are both sexy and submissive. They imagine gorgeous housewives who dote on their husbands and want nothing more than to cook, clean, and serve. While cultural differences certainly exist, men who expect to find thin, beautiful, compliant women will likely be very disappointed. The women on global dating sites are real people with distinct interests and personalities.

It’s Not Hard to Marry a Woman From a Global Dating Site

Many people think marrying a woman from a foreign dating site is simply a matter of sending a few emails, paying a visit or two, and then bringing her home. However, the process involves much more than that! Immigration and visa laws vary from country to country, and no nation will admit a foreign woman without requiring her to complete a lengthy immigration process. Marrying a foreign lady is certainly possible, but it’s not cheap or simple. Only serious couples have what it takes to get through the entire process.

Don’t be fooled by common international dating myths. Hot Russian Brides has nearly a decade of experience helping Western men connect with women from Eastern Europe, something that wouldn’t be possible if all the horror stories were true. Read our success stories here, then give us a try to experience the benefits for yourself!