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The Americans – Sexy Spies and 80s Nostalgia

30. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

When you are on a site courting FSU ladies, it can be surprising to remember that not so long ago our countries were embroiled in a tense stand-off that went on for decades. FX's new TV show, The Americans, harks back to those days near the end of the Cold War, when paranoia about Russian spies ran deep.


Kerry Russell and Matthew Rhys play a couple of 1980s parents who have a big secret: they are really deep-cover Russian spies. The engage in espionage missions while keeping up appearances with a normal-looking all-American family. She is ultra-loyal to her cause, he's more liberal, and it leads to conflicts. To up the tension, they learn they have a new neighbor: an FBI agent who works in counter-espionage.


Those looking for a kick of Cold War Era nostalgia can get it in the form of period music and discussions of the politics of the day. In one scene, the couple’s daughter has to write a paper about how the Soviet Union cheated on arms control. 


The show was created by Joe Weisberg, who worked for the CIA, lending an air of authenticity to the drama. His other work includes the excellent sci-fi show Falling Skies, which is promising. The show premieres tonight on FX.


Photo: FX