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The Beer House in the Lviv Brewery Basement

3. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

A young Swiss aristocrat by the name of Robert Doms boasted a great beer brewing talent which he brought to Lvivske Brewery in the 1850s. The romantic legend says a beautiful Russian girl named Zosia would bring him a stein each day so he could sample and approve each batch. Robert soon fell in love with Zosia, made her his Russian bride, and they eventually moved back to Switzerland together.


The Robert Doms Beer House honors his contribution to Lviv’s beer industry and memorializes the couple’s love story. Located three stories underneath the brewery, in the old storage cellars, the unique atmosphere is half eerie, half romantic.


Live music echoes nightly throughout the dimly lit halls. Huge portions of Ukrainian, Russian, and German cuisine are served onto long picnic tables, encouraging friendly, family-style dining experiences. And of course plenty of fresh beer is piped in directly from the brewery.


While visiting your favorite Lviv girls, schedule a detour to the Beer House, which is about a 15 minute walk from the city center on Kleparivska Street. You’ll enjoy fabulous food, marvelous music, and maybe you’ll even meet a lovely Ukrainian lady like Robert Doms did!