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The Birthday of Ded Moroz

24. November 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

The birthday of Ded Moroz is officially celebrated in Russia on November 18. For the younger ones, it is a good and fun holiday which helps them to fulfill any wish. For adults it is a memory of childhood and happy moments that we will be never forgotten.


The traditional appearance of Ded Moroz has a close resemblance to that of Santa Claus, with his coat, boots and long white beard.  No one knows exactly how old this winter magician is, but he is more than 2,000 years old. The date of his birth was made to be November 18, as that is when winter comes. Unlike the enigmatic Santa Claus, Ded Moroz lives in Velikiy Ustug and comes in person to deliver gifts, usually in large celebrations.


There are special preparations in Velikiy Ustug. On this day, a special mailbox is opened and everyone can drop off a birthday congratulations for him. Numerous relatives come to congratulate Ded Moroz: Santa Claus from Finland, Chiskhan from Yakutia, Pakkayne from Karelia, Snegurochka from Kostroma, and official delegations from Saratov, Vologda, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and many other cities. Ded Moroz assistants prepare a new suit for him as a present every year.