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The Color of Love

1. November 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

You’ve probably heard that color plays a big role in setting the mood of a room, but did you know it can also influence who you find attractive and what you think of a particular lady? Here’s a brief overview of Western color psychology and how it can influence your search for love. 

Red is the color of love, passion, and romance. Several studies have found that men are more attracted to women in red, and vice versa, and that singles would be well suited to wear read in their profile pics. Therefore, you may be more drawn to Russians in red than to those wearing other colors. 



Yellow is sunny and cheerful. Because of this, you may think of women in yellow as being happy and warm.



Orange is an attention-grabbing color, and one that people tend to love or hate. If you like orange, you’ll likely find women in orange appealing. If you dislike it, you might feel slightly less enthusiastic.



Many men cite blue as their favorite color, and the shade also has cool and calming connotations. On a less positive note, blue represents sadness, mourning, and cold. Because of this, your subconscious feelings for a woman in blue may be mixed.


Green commonly represents nature, luck, and health, though it’s also associated with money and jealousy. The color also symbolizes fertility. Do you associate women in green with any of these qualities?



Purple is the color of royalty and is often associated with wealth and prestige. It may also represent wisdom or spirituality. Do you view Russian women in purple this way?



Though many people associate black with mourning and evil, others find it simple and sophisticated. Black is a popular color for formal wear and many women love the way they look in their “little black dress.”



White symbolizes purity and innocence, thus white wedding gowns and christening garments. White is also crisp and clean, though some find it cold and clinical. How do you view women in white?


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