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The Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language

9. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Introduced in 1997 by order of the nation’s president and observed each year on November 9, the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language is dedicated to honoring the native language of Ukraine.

In a statement today, President Viktor Yanukovych called the language “the soul of the nation's greatest spiritual treasure, received from their ancestors” and praised the great Ukrainian writers who helped develop the language. He also stated:

"I am convinced that the Ukrainian language is a precious asset of the people and will continue (to be a) consolidating force in our society.”

Ukrainian’s Minister of Education and Science, Dmytro Tabachnyk, also acknowledged the holiday, and plans to take a Ukrainian grammar and spelling test in honor of the day.

While Ukrainian is still the official language of Ukraine, some citizens fear the native tongue will be replaced by Russian. Viktor Yanukovych is a native Russian speaker, and there are several areas in Ukraine where Russian is the primary language. Schools in Ukraine also teach Russian and a recent bill, if ratified, would allow each region in Ukraine to choose their own preferred official language. Most Ukrainians can speak both languages.

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