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The Do’s and Don’ts of Chatting with Russian Women

29. May 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Intimidated by the thought of chatting with the lovely ladies of HRB? Don’t be. Here are a few tips to help your conversations get off on the right foot.

Do Ask Open-Ended Questions

The best way to get to know a lady is to ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer. Instead of asking something like “Do you like to travel?” try “What place would you most like to visit and why?” The answers to open-ended questions reveal a lot more about a lady and make it easier to keep a conversation flowing.


Don’t Imply That She’s a Scammer

Because of the negative stereotypes surrounding Russian dating, several members are wary of Russian women and sites like HRB. While a little caution is natural and necessary, telling Russian women that you’re not sure of their sincerity or that you can’t trust any of the ladies on the site is a good way to cause offense and ruin your chances of finding a match.

Do Share Information About Yourself

Some men treat the women of HRB like interview subjects. They pelt the lady with question after question about their life, values, goals, etc. but fail to share information about themselves. This is a bad idea. Remember that Russian dating is a two-way street and that the ladies want to learn more about you just as much as you want to learn more about them. For best results, ask questions, answer questions, and make sure you’re giving, as well as receiving, information.

Don’t Complain About Costs

Some men make the unfortunate mistake of grumbling about the cost of Russian dating to the ladies they hope to impress. This is a big mistake. Complaining about chat fees and membership costs is akin to complaining about the cost of dinner or flowers in traditional dating. The women may feel as if you’re implying they’re not worth the expense or that you feel they owe you something for the money you’ve spent. Naturally, this is no way to attract a match. 

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