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The First Meeting

13. July 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Though chatting with Russian women is fun, the ultimate goal for most men is to build a relationship with a special lady on the site and eventually meet her in person. Here are a few simple tips to consider for the first visit.


Be Flexible

At times, a gentleman may meet a lady he’s chatted with and discover there is no connection in person. In other instances, a lady may have scheduling conflicts due to work or school. In these situations, the local agency may suggest that the gentlemen meet other ladies. While some men are reluctant to deviate from their original plan, several men have been pleasantly surprised by the ladies at alternate meetings. In fact, some men have proposed to women they met at such gatherings (as indicated in our most recent testimonial). As the famous quote goes, “even the best laid plans often go astray,” so flexibility is important.


Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

Realistic expectations are important in every stage of the Russian dating process and this is especially true when it comes to a couple’s first meeting. While men are understandably excited about meeting their special lady in person, they should not feel entitled to intimacy or assume the lady will automatically want to marry them. A first meeting is a valuable opportunity for a man to get to know his special lady and for the couple to jointly decide on the future of their relationship. Men who try to keep their expectations in check and let things progress naturally often have a better experience than those who demand a fairy tale ending.


Be Understanding

Meeting for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience and ladies in particular may feel pressured to please suitors who have traveled thousands of miles to meet them. A lady may struggle to communicate in English, have difficulty getting to a meeting on time, or feel anxious about meeting a foreign suitor, etc. In these situations, a little patience and understanding on the gentleman’s end will go a long way in easing a lady’s fears and winning her heart.

Patience, realistic expectations, and flexibility are important when it comes to meeting a special Russian woman for the first time. Men who keep these tips in mind are more likely to have a fun and rewarding visit than those who do not.