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The Gentleman Gets the Russian Girls

11. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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In the era of modern, independent women, some guys think girls don’t appreciate the old-fashioned gentlemanly gestures anymore. But Russian girls do! In fact, the qualities they look for in a potential partner describe the honest, kind, respectful gentleman that opens doors and pulls out chairs. So how can you show them you have that gentleman gene before ever meeting face to face?


P’s and Q’s

Emailing and instant messaging has gotten some singles in the habit of using an abundance of abbreviations. You should still take the time to remember common courtesies like please, thank you, and you’re welcome. Gentlemen never neglect good manners.


Romantic Rapport

In addition to the common courtesies during correspondence, gentlemen should include romance and dreamy details during discussions. Talking about your ideal first date and places you’d like to travel together, while using adoring pet names can be very romantic.


Dress to Impress

Your profile photos definitely show the Russian ladies what kind of man you are, so if you’re a true gentleman, dress like one. At least one photo in a nice tailored suit with a fresh shave and haircut will certainly impress them.


Send Sweet Sentiments

When you really want to show your favorite Russian bride that you’re a caring and thoughtful gentleman, buy her a nice present from the Gift Shop. Other alternatives are sending heartfelt poems or song lyrics in emails.


While these suggestions may sound sappy at first, men who apply them find they engage Russian women more often and have more success building loving relationships. After all, being a gentleman is well worth a lifetime of love with your perfect match!