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The Grand Cafe Makes a Great Minsk Date

20. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Planning a visit to meet a special lady in Minsk? Wow her with a meal at Grand Café, which is widely considered one of the best restaurants in Belarus’s capital city. The café is centrally located, making it an easy and convenient date location.


Grand Café, which is located at 2 Lenin Street in Minsk, is a wonderful place for a leisurely meal. The menu is Italian-inspired, with flavorful, well-presented meals. Eating out is an prized occasion in the FSU, and your Russian sweetheart will be thrilled to be taken to such an elegant destination. The slowly-paced meals are great for getting to know one another. You and your Russian date can chat leisurely as you enjoy some of the best food that the city has to offer. Specialty dishes include beef with pepper sauce and scallops served with lavender.


The restaurant’s food is inspired by Italian cuisine, and is prepared by chefs who you can watch through the café windows as you approach. Your meal is elegantly plated on white porcelain platters. The kitchen is open until midnight, ideal for those who wish to enjoy a late-night bite. Be sure to save room for dessert; Grand Café makes a number of stunningly good sweet options to end your meal.


If you are still working on your Russian, you will be happy to know that the menu comes in both English and Russian versions to make ordering easy. Most of the restaurant staff also speak English. The cafe features a non-smoking section for those who wish to avoid smoke while they eat.


When it’s time to settle your bill, don’t forget that, in Minsk, like many Western countries, the wait staff is typically paid less than the minimum wage because it is expected that they will make up the balance in tips. In Minsk, a 10% tip is considered a sign of appreciation for good service.


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