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The HRB BlackBook: Notes & Remarks

26. March 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Hot Russian Brides’ BlackBook™ tool helps countless members date Russian and Ukrainian women online. Now that you know about the benefits of the Email History, let’s take a look at the Notes & Remarks section.


If you’re like most men on HRB, you’re communicating with several different women at once. Naturally, this can get confusing. The BlackBook’s Notes & Remarks section is a simple way to note specific details about a woman’s life. Many men use it to note a woman’s likes and dislikes, hometown information, what she does for a living, the subject she studies at university, etc. You can find this information in the Email History, of course, but sometimes the information is buried in blocks of text. That’s why the Notes & Remarks tab is so useful. 


Using Notes & Remarks is easy.  To add a note for a particular woman, simply pull up the BlackBook, click on the lady’s profile card, and then click Notes & Remarks. After that, click the Add a Note button, enter the desired information, and then press Submit to save. If you have previously recorded notes for a woman, you’ll see a condensed list of recorded notes in the left frame. The right frame will display full details of the most recently recorded note. 


Here's a tutorial video to help you get started with HRB's BlackBook tool. Not a member? Sign up today!