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The Importance of Honesty on HotRussianBrides.com

21. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Two of the most common questions we receive are this: “Are the ladies real?” and “Are the ladies really interested in marriage?” In essence, gentlemen understandably want to know if our service is legit and if the ladies have honorable intentions (the answers, by the way, are yes). However, what most gentlemen fail to consider is that the ladies often wonder the same things about them, and for good reason. While many men demand honesty from Russian women, more than few gentlemen are not completely honest themselves.


Profile Photos

It’s not uncommon for men to accuse Russian dating sites of posting fake or inaccurate photos. However, many men post less than accurate photos themselves. The most common offenses are photos taken several years ago, manipulated photos, or photos of someone else entirely. While a man may not necessarily intend to deceive a woman by posting a photo that is ten years old, he should ask himself how he would feel if a Russian lady did the same. If a gentleman wants to be completely honest, he should only post accurate, up-to-date photos, or at least label old photos as such.  


Personal Information

If a man learned that a Russian lady lied or even exaggerated some aspect of her life, be it her job, appearance, romantic history, etc., he’d almost certainly be irritated and wonder what else she has lied about. He may even call her a scammer. However, more than a few men exaggerate or lie themselves. Obviously, a man should never use the services of HotRussianBrides.com if he is married or in a committed relationship (though some try), but it’s also important that he be honest about every aspect of his life. Men shouldn’t inflate their incomes, the importance of their jobs, or generally claim to be something they're not if they hope to establish a serious relationship with a Russian woman. The truth will come out eventually and dishonesty is terrible way to start a new relationship.



Some men complain because they think the ladies on HotRussianBrides aren’t honest about their intentions. Interestingly, many Russian women have the same complaint. Some men hint at future proposals when they have no intention of getting married, while others proclaim their undying love for more than one woman at time. It’s also not uncommon for gentlemen to establish seemingly serious relationships with Russian women, promise to visit, and then never show. Again, while a gentleman may not think he’s doing anything wrong, he should ask himself how he would feel if a Russian woman did the same. More than likely, he’d relay his experience on every anti-scam forum he could find. It’s important for men to remember that they should adhere to the same standards of honesty that they expect of Russian women. 

If a gentleman wants to meet a woman with honest intentions it’s only fair that he be completely honest himself. Not only will he avoid looking like a hypocrite, but it will help him develop a strong, sustainable relationship with a Russian woman.