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The Importance of “About Me” and “Looking For” on Your Profile

9. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

The “About Me” and “Looking For” sections of our member’s profiles are both the most important and least completed sections. Men usually don’t like to describe themselves and can be indecisive when describing what they are looking for. However, without these chunks of information, your quest to find love or romance on HotRussianBrides.com may be unfruitful. We usually require members to complete their profiles before they can engage in email or chat with our ladies. This is done to allow the ladies to get to know you better before they choose to correspond with you.


Wouldn’t you describe yourself to someone you are on a date with?


Wouldn’t you rather only correspond with ladies that have something in common with you?


Your “About Me” should be at least 50 words and include a general description of what you are about, what you believe in, what you do and what you consider to be your best qualities. This is the first impression of you to our ladies, so make it interesting. It is important that you are honest in this section as you don’t want to later disappoint anyone you are corresponding with. Read this article for more tips on filling out your profile.


In your “Looking For” section you should describe who your ideal match would be. Ladies that don’t fit your description may still contact you, but it will at least give them an idea of who you are hoping to meet. Include age range, likes, dislikes, hobbies, body type, etc… This is your chance to let our ladies know what you find attractive, unattractive and desirable.