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The KGB and UFO Connection

6. May 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments


While many in the United States connect the idea of UFO sightings with Middle America, crop circles and New Mexico, it may surprise you to hear that Russia and Ukraine have had their share of UFO and Alien sightings through the 20th and 21st centuries. In a tale that echoes the theme of the popular American television show “The X-Files”, KGB agents – The Soviet Union’s secret service – allegedly recorded sightings and encounters with Extraterrestrial life in what was known as “The Blue Folder”.

Declassified in 1991, the Blue Folder contained a compilation of reports made to authorities from the 60’s onward and comprised over 120 pages. The incidents included both sightings and even one case where a Military helicopter and two fighter planes attempted to fire upon a “sphere” that was flying over the coast of the Caspian Sea. They were unable to down the object and it flew to an altitude where they could not follow.

Ukraine has also had various encounters with Unidentified Flying objects, as some of our Ukrainian ladies may have discovered during a recent picnic. Reports of UFO sightings were reported to be around 10-15 a year in the 90’s, but this has almost doubled in recent years.

It could be said that the large amount of sightings in Russia and Ukraine is because of cultural appreciation for tales of Aliens and Space. Russian science fiction was a particularly notable subgenre of movies and literature during the height of the Soviet Union and even afterward. With its roots in the work of Gogol and Pushkin, most Russian science fiction ignored the space operas and fantastic hero adventures that were popular in American and English pulp novels and focused on Social and Personal values and how they were affected by elements of the fantastic. For example, the Russian movie Solaris is considered a classic of Science Fiction cinema, but focused on much deeper, emotional themes than the internationally loved Star Wars, released only a few years later.

Are these UFO sightings and Alien encounters real, or just the product of overactive imaginations and conspiracy theories? It may be years before we can get a more definitive answer. Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has recently weighed in on the debate, stating that he believed that the existence of Extraterrestrial life was likely and that he worried contact with these races could be “risky”, comparing the hypothetical Aliens to Christopher Columbus bringing settlers to the Americas.