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The Majestic Volga River

9. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

There are many large and beautiful rivers in Russia. For example, the Irtysh, Lena, Angara, and Ob rivers are all lovely. However, few rivers can compare to the majestic Volga. “Every country has its own national river,” the famous French writer Alexandre Dumas once said. “Russia has the Volga River, the largest river in Europe, the queen of our rivers. I was one of many to bow to Her Majesty, the Volga River!”


The Volga, the longest river in Europe, originates in the Valdai Hills and ends in the Caspian Sea. Due to its large size, the Volga has many tributaries, the most important being the Oka, Kama, Vetluga, and Sura rivers. Nearly one third of Russia’s population lives on the Volga River basin, and several of the country’s largest cities are located in the region.

Since the late 1930s, the Russian government has used the Volga River as a source of hydropower, with nine water reservoirs being built on its banks. More than 20% of the nation’s fish come from the mighty river, and the river valley also produces a variety of valuable minerals. Nature enthusiasts  flock to the unique flora and fauna of the river delta.

The Volga is the soul of Russia. River cruises are immensely popular and even the most experienced of travels will be affected by the river’s beauty. May we recommend a trip with your sweetheart? A romantic river cruise is not something you can soon forget.


Enjoy these photos of the beautiful Volga River.