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“The Paris Hilton of Russia” Dating Dilemma

14. October 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Even a gorgeous billionaire heiress has trouble finding a good husband in Russia.


Katia Verber is the daughter of Alla Verber, vice president of Mercury Distribution, which owns Bentley and Ferrari showrooms in Moscow. Mercury is also credited with bringing luxury brand names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Gucci to Russia in the 90’s. The Verber family owns a line of luxury boutiques as well. Besides working as a buyer for Mercury, Katia opened a boutique of her own called “Katia of Italy”. But don’t think this Russian beauty is all work and no play. She spends much of her time modeling for Russian magazines and making special appearances at Moscow’s hotspots.


Sound familiar? It’s no surprise that Katia’s lifestyle has been compared to that of American heiress Paris Hilton in a recent article from Marie Claire Magazine. She is chauffeured around in a $250,000 gold Bentley, while chatting on her $7,000 cell phone, on her way to an exclusive password required VIP club. She even totes around 2 tiny Yorkie pups. But unlike Paris, who has no problems securing a hot new date each week, Katia and her wealthy friends are not pleased with the Russian dating scene. 


Her friend Raquel describes dating in Russia as “tough”. She complains, “The men are spoiled because the women are so beautiful and there are, like, 10 women to every guy.” Katia agrees, stressing that the women “want quality, not quantity.” Also, successful and intelligent Russian women intimidate Russian men, so these young socialites are removed from the marriage radar.


Most Russian women hope to be married and begin raising a family in their early 20’s. At 24, Katia may be slightly concerned about finding a suitable mate soon, but for now she’s keeping busy buying the latest fashions and partying at the hottest clubs, saying “Right now I’m living in the moment.”


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