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The Russian Housewife Myth

23. September 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Many people believe that Russian women are natural born housewives with no interest in establishing a career. However, this is nothing more than a Russian dating myth. While some ladies have no problem taking on the traditional housewife role, plenty of other women want (and need) to work outside the home.  

If a woman enjoyed a successful career in Russia or the Ukraine chances are good that she’ll want to work in her new husband's country. Women with advanced degrees may also feel the same urge to get a job. Not only that, but many ladies are excited by the opportunities available in Western countries and wish to explore their options. It would be unwise for gentlemen to assume that every lady on HRB wants to be a homemaker, even if she does write about the importance of hearth and home. Most Russian and Ukrainian ladies put their family ahead of everything and want to support the household in any way possible, including working outside the home.

As always, open and honest communication is the only way to learn about a lady’s hopes, dreams, and long-term plans. While some ladies may indeed long for housewife life, others may wish to pursue a career. Don’t let common myths color the way you view Russian women and Russian dating.