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The Secret Symbolism of Ukrainian Flowers

5. February 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Ancient symbolism saturates Ukraine’s landscape from lindens with curative powers to oak trees that personify power and endurance. Pine trees embody vitality, the willows usher in spring, and green shoots of garlic represent good health.


This is one of the reasons why Ukrainian girls spend so much time outdoors. Plants and flowers not only please the eye but they sooth they soul. Folk culture often mentions flowers in stories and songs. You may impress your favorite ladies by learning about the secret symbolism of native Ukrainian flora.


Sunflower (Ukrainian: Sonyashnyk)

As a symbol of solar energy and wellbeing, the sunflower looks toward the sun during the day, then droops its heads sadly at night, pondering the meaning of life. It’s the national flower of Ukraine and also symbolizes fertility and unity.



Mallow (Ukrainian: Malva)

Mallow is one of the earliest citied plants in recorded literature. With pink or white petals, it symbolizes love for one’s native land, parents, or home. Many Ukrainian homes feature mallows whether they be in the garden, on decorative embroideries, or in folk paintings.



Marigold (Ukrainian: Chornobryvets)

When Ukrainians are asked which flower they would consider a symbol of their country, many would mention the marigold. There is hardly a yard without bright yellow, red, and orange marigolds growing. They symbolize passion and creativity and are often used in wedding ceremonies.




Periwinkle (Ukrainian: Barvinok)

With glossy tough leaves that can withstand both freezing temperatures and high heat, the periwinkle symbolizes eternity. They would be put close to all kinds of things that one would want to last a long time, like newborn babies and candles. Periwinkles in wedding bouquets signify eternal love for the bride and groom.



Cornflower (Ukrainian: Voloshka)

Concoctions containing cornflower were created as a form of blessing for sprinkling newlyweds. The flower is believed to be potent protection again evil spirits and misfortunes. Ukrainian girls would even wash their faces with cornflower infusions to help preserve beauty and protect against evil spells.



Poppy (Ukrainian: Mak)

Poppy seeds are an indispensable ingredient of kutya, the Ukrainian cuisine consumed at Christmas. Its blooms are so fragile, they wilt quickly, symbolizing that youth and beauty don’t last forever. Poppies also symbolize serenity and sleep.




When you’re walking around the Ukrainian countryside, think about these special meanings and perhaps pick a natural bouquet for your favorite lady. If you want to send flowers from afar, roses are always a sure bet with the sweet symbolism of love. Check out the special Valentine’s Day bouquet available now in the Gift Shop!


Source: wumag.kiev.ua, Photos: wikipedia