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The Stages of Russian Dating

18. February 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

The stages of a relationship formed on HotRussianBrides.com are really no different than the phases of a traditional relationship. There is the “getting to know you” phase in which two people meet and get to one another, the “building a relationship” phase, and the “big step” phase in which a man and a woman decide to take their relationship to the next level, perhaps getting married or engaged. Each stage of Russian dating is different. Here's what a gentleman can expect, as well as a few simple tips to help him along the way.


The Getting to Know You Stage

Gentlemen in the getting to know you stage of a relationship should concentrate on just that: getting to know a special woman (or women). Men should take this time to determine whether or not he is compatible with a particular lady and if he should continue corresponding with her. There’s nothing wrong with a gentleman cutting contact with a lady if he feels she is not right for him. Many members worry about hurting ladies’ feelings, and though this concern is admirable, it’s best that a man be honest about his feelings as soon as possible. Both parties will fare better in the long run. 


The Building a Relationship Phase

Once a member has grown better acquainted with a special lady on HotRussianBrides, he may wish to keep chatting with the lady to see how things progress. At this stage of a relationship, a gentleman should work on getting to know his lady on a deeper level and decide if there is a future to their relationship. This is not something a gentleman can decide in a few days or weeks. The intermediate phase is the longest stage of a relationship and can last for several months or several years. Though it’s easy to grow impatient, members should be patient and not try to rush things along.


The Big Step Phase

After a few months or years (the timeframe varies from couple to couple), a man and a woman may decide they are very serious about one another and choose to take their relationship to the next level. Moving in together, getting engaged, and getting married are all big steps many serious couples take. In the Russian dating world, there is another important step: meeting in person for the first time.

A gentleman in this phase of a relationship should start researching travel options well in advance and communicate with his Russian lady at all times to ensure a smooth meeting. If he meets his significant other and things go well, the couple may decide to meet again or get engaged and starting making plans for the lady’s immigration. Communication is critical at this stage of the relationship! A gentleman should always be open and honest with his lady and ask that she do the same.

Each stage of a relationship brings something different. With a little luck, skill, and preparation there's no reason why a gentleman on HotRussianBrides.com can not be successful in all three.