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The Step by Step Guide to Love Letters

14. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Even normally eloquent guys can freeze up when faced with the specter of putting down their most intimate feelings on paper. However, love letters are one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for wooing a lady and keeping the romance alive.


Not sure how? Never fear. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we provide a step-by-step guide: how to write the perfect love letter.



The simplest option is to simply address her by name. But, if you have a special pet name for her, go for that instead. These nicknames bring extra intimacy to your love note.


Tell Her How Glad You Are That You’re Together

This should be the very first thing that your letter reveals. If letters are not something you normally write, make sure she knows up front that this is a happy message telling her how much she means to you.


Try to pick phrasing that leads with “you” and not “I.” This is about her! “You’ve made me so happy,” or “You’ve changed my life,” are both great directions to go.


Tell Her Why You Love Her

Think about the things about her that make your heart pound. Is it her smile? Her enthusiasm for school or her family? Take the time to write about all of what you like.


Although it sounds unromantic, taking notes before writing out this section can make it come together perfectly. Make a list, and work with the phrasing of the things you want to say when you add the details to your love letter.


Recall a Romantic Memory

Think about highlights from your history together. Did you know she was the one the moment you saw her? Did you have a date where the hours just flowed past?


Commit the story to paper. Include as many romantic details as possible. What was she wearing, what music was playing? She will always value having this note from your romantic history together. 


Talk About the Future

Think about what you want from your future with her, and write down some of that, too. She will be touched to hear about how you envision your futures together.


One caveat: play it a little close to the vest if you have not been chatting long. You want to woo her, not scare her off by overstepping. It can wind up being off-putting instead of romantic to hear how someone you don’t know has your golden years planned out! Just saying something as simple and open-ended as “I would love to have a future together” can be just the right thing.


Signing Off

Don’t just sign your name. Close with a sweet sentiment. It can be as simple as “Love,” or, if things are serious, a similarly serious declaration like “Always” or “Yours Forever.”


Tips to Make Sure It’s Perfect:

  • Jot down some notes. This will give you a better idea of what it is you want to say to her.
  • Write a rough draft. While this sounds unspontaneous, it also assures that your letter flows well and that you say everything you wanted to. Also, if you do not hand-write often, it’s easy to make mistakes. Crossed-out phrases kill the romance! Make sure that what you give her is a clean copy.
  • Read it out loud to yourself. Sometimes, you won’t notice missed words or other errors until you hear it out loud. Plus, this is a way to help you make sure that the letter has the warm and romantic tone that you intend it to.


Email, Postal Mail or Hand Deliver?

How you deliver your message is an important detail.


If you haven’t exchanged contact information, it will of course be by email.


If you two are past the Intimacy Request stage and have one another’s addresses, hand write your love letter and send it by postal mail. Pick up some nice stationery for the job. There’s something especially delightful about a tangible keepsake that you can look at over and over again. And, opening up the mailbox to see an unexpected treat is always a thrill.


If you two are finally together in the flesh, hand-delivering has its benefits. Or, you can hide the note somewhere she is sure to see it, such as in her purse, on top of the coffee canister or on her nightstand.


No matter how you choose to deliver your romantic missive, you can be sure it’ll melt her heart. We are sure that your love letter to her will be something she will cherish as long as you are together.


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