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The Streetcars of Odessa

15. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

When you visit the seaside city of Odessa, be sure to take a ride on the trolleys when you want to get around. Driving can be difficult because there are few signs marking the road. Taxis are frequent, but expensive. The trolley is the most common way to go, and also the cheapest. The trolleys can take you all around Odessa, and can also get you out to the many beaches near the city.


Odessa has 19 regular and 5 non-regular tram lines. There are usually no marked schedules for the trolleys; generally, you just find a trolley sign on the route you’d like to take and wait for the next one to come. Be sure to pick up a city tram map and schedule, so you know which one will take you where. 


Trolleys are inexpensive. Usually, they cost about 1,50 UAH, the equivalent of 20 cents US. Your fare will usually be collected by an attendant on the trolley. They usually have change, but, it’s a good idea to carry exact change when riding, just in case. On a couple, there is no attendant, so you you’re your money to the driver when you exit the tram. Many of those that go to the beach and the market get crowded during the summer tourist months.


If you live somewhere where there aren’t trams, or where there are only a few that serve as a novelty for tourists, seeing ones that get locals back and forth every day can be a treat. Be sure to take a ride at least once and enjoy this unusual way of seeing one of Ukraine’s prettiest cities.


Check out Odessa's trams and trolley buses in action below:


Photo: Urban Rail