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The Truth About Introduction Letters

18. January 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

An introduction letter is the first message a member receives from a potential match. Unfortunately, many ladies write short, generic introduction letters, something that concerns many of our gentlemen.

Introduction letters are kind of like the cover letters people include with job applications. Yes, it’s better to write a customized letter for each and every contact, but doing so is difficult and time consuming. Therefore, many people write generic letters instead. Though some men think generic letters mean Russian women aren’t serious about finding a match or that they’re paid to write as many letters as possible, generic notes actually mean the ladies are trying to save time and be as efficient about their search as possible.

Few people will argue with the assertion that dating is a numbers game. The more people one meets, the better his or her chances of finding a match. One way the ladies attempt to find a special gentleman is to send an introduction email to many men in hopes of attracting the attention of someone interesting. As most ladies don’t have time to type an individual letter to dozens of men, they instead send a general letter and await replies. Once men respond, the ladies will begin writing more personalized emails and asking specific questions.

When it comes to introduction letters, Russian women, like the Western men who pursue them, send short, general messages because it saves time and it’s more efficient. A vague introduction letter is not a sign of a scammer. It's the sign of human being.


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