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The Truth About Russian Dating and Scammer Sites

25. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Concerned because you spotted a woman from HRB on a blacklist or scammer site? Wondering why we haven’t deleted an alleged scammer’s profile? Here are a few things to consider when it comes to Russian dating and scammer websites. 


Identify Theft

While a woman listed on a blacklist site may indeed be guilty of scamming, it’s also possible she’s been a victim of identity theft. Scammers not only steal photos of celebrities and models to create fake dting profiles, but they also swipe pics from legitimate sites like HRB. Just because you see a lady's picture on a blacklist site, doesn't mean she is the person behind the scam. In fact, many scams are actually initiated by men posing as women, which is why Hot Russian Brides’ video validation and live video streaming features are so important.


Another possibility is that a woman rejected a man, for whatever reason, and he retaliated by calling her a scammer and plastering her photo on every blacklist site he could find. Sadly, some men are confused about the nature of Russian dating and believe the women on such sites are obligated to respond to a man’s advances. Other men just don’t handle rejection well. That’s why it’s wise to take scammer claims with a grain of salt, especially those posted by a stranger, as you’re only hearing one side of the story and have no way of knowing what really happened.

When it comes to scammer lists and blacklist sites, remember is this: a scammer listing is far from proof of guilt. Therefore, we don’t boot women off Hot Russian Brides simply because an unknown source claims they’re scammers. There are simply too many unknowns and it would be unfair to delete a lady’s profile without hearing her side of the story or getting concrete proof of deceit. If you suspect a woman of wrongdoing, contact us directly and we’ll happily investigate the matter.