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The UK is OK with Hot Russian Women

11. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

It's a myth that all Russian women want to live in the States. While US culture is all-pervasive, British men have a natural edge when it comes to cultural compatibility and proximity.


The UK is a desirable place to live with its multicultural vibe, rich history and romantic scenery.  Here's a serious (OK, and a bit cheeky) overview of why hot Russian brides think Brits are hot:




Think Sean Connery and Hugh Grant. British courtesy is legendary, the secret envy of American men, and very sexy to a Russian woman. Many say they just can't find enough of it at home. 



British men tend to pace themselves in relationships in a gentlemanly way that Russian women appreciate. The UK fondness for pet names like "luv" and "darling" are also music to Russian ears!



British, Russian and Ukrainian education systems follow similar forms, with three years of secondary school and then college or university. These countries put similar focus on the arts, the classics and world history.



Dry British humor (sorry, humour) may escape some non-native speakers at first, but keep after it! Cockney rhyming will have her rolling on the floor. So will EastEnders.



Both Russians and Britons share a sensibility born of proximity, customs and deep history. It's a European mindset that often escapes Americans. You and your love match will have loads to talk about over dinner -- and you'll hold your fork and knife the same way, too!



Many British men have a delightfully courtly manner and a flattering way that feels deliciously flirtatious. Still, they are viewed as loyal to their partners. Russian women put a high value on both.


Domestic dash

British men are willing to help around the house, iron their own shirts and bring their ladies breakfast in bed. They love a man's attention to the home front.



Like British women, Russian ladies are independent and strong. You can count on them in a crisis. Yet they thoroughly enjoy going out and having fun, being feminine and looking after their men on the romantic front



As you may already know, Russian women love to dress up. Mumsy is not for them. So be forewarned:  While she will likely fall in love with the UK's gardens, trading heels for Wellies may take a bit of encouragement on your part!



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