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The Web Hostesses of HotRussianBrides.com

29. April 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

One of the most exciting features of HotRussianBrides.com is our Video Chat Web Hostess option. However, some gentlemen aren’t sure what this feature is all about. To help educate potential and current members, we've answered some common questions about the ladies. Read on to learn more.


What Are Web Hostesses For?

Available 7 days a week, the hostesses are here to help gentlemen be successful on HotRussianBrides.com. They can help you with technical issues like uploading photos to your profile, sending attachments, managing chat sessions, navigating the site, etc. The ladies are also here to answer questions about our service. They tell potential members what our site is about and help current members with things like Intimacy Requests, credit packages, scam concerns, and more. Our web hostesses are experts on HotRussianBrides and can answer almost any question that comes their way.


Can I Make Them My Russian Bride?

Sorry, but the answer is no. Many of the hostesses are already happily married and are on the site to help others find love. While they may not be looking for partners, there are 14,000 other women on HotRussianBrides.com who are!


Are They in Russia?

No. Though some of the ladies have lived in Russia or Ukraine in the past, all of our web hostesses currently live and work in the United States.


How Do I Contact a Web Hostess?

Contacting a hostess is easy. Simply enter the site, go to the Website Hostess box in the top left corner, and click the chat icon. You will then be instantly connected to a hostess who is ready and willing to help you.

Our web hostesses are so friendly and helpful it’s no wonder customers refer to them as “the angels of Russian love.” If you have a question or concern about HotRussianBrides.com don’t hesitate to contact these lovely ladies. They’ll be happy to help!