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The ties that bind: Russian Women, Israeli Men

16. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Israeli men make great husbands: Warm, family oriented, protective and loyal -- all qualities in demand by Russian women.


And, Jewish or not, Russian and Ukrainian women are drawn to the acceptance and hospitality of Israel and its importance to adherents of major world religions.


Of course, the Holy Land remains in a unique geopolitical hotseat. Because of unrest, immigration has fallen to a 20-year low. So Israel, which has always relied on immigration to boost population, is streamlining the immigration process.


Russian Jews

That's a major advantage if you are an Israeli citizen interested in bringing a Russian bride to your country.  People in Israel and Russia have strong bonds. Ethnically, Russia once boasted Europe's largest Jewish population. Now, according to the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute, self-identified Jews only make up about 0.16 percent of the total population.


Who qualifies?

Recent immigrants from the former Soviet Union now make up nearly one-sixth of the Israeli population, and most Russian Jews have relatives in Israel. Many Russian-Jewish women still enjoy the right to Israeli citizenship by making aliyah under the Law of Return. Nationality by birth can also be given to a lady whose father or mother was an Israeli national at the time of her birth. This provision holds true regardless of where the lady was born.


Immigration of Non-Jews

Your non-Jewish bride of course, can immigrate and become a citizen without being Jewish, but Israel only recognizes Jewish marriages, and children of non-Jewish mothers are not considered Jewish. Non-Jews can become naturalized citizens in one of five ways, among them:

  • Having been in Israel for three years
  • Intending to settle in the country
  • Having some knowledge of HebrewTaking an oath of loyalty to the State of Israel

Again, the Ministry of the Interior has much discretion in deciding who is eligible for naturalization.


Brides born in Israel

This provision grants Israeli nationality to people who were born on Israeli territory and moved away. They must meet these qualifications:

  • Apply for Israeli citizenship between their 18th and 21st birthdays
  • Have five consecutive years of residence in Israel immediately prior to filing a request for citizenship
  • Have no criminal convictions for violation of security regulations, and no jail record for five years.


Attracting your Russian bride to Israel is relatively easy. Moving your bride there may require some research. 
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