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There Are Two Sides to Every Story

28. July 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Blacklist sites and Russian dating forums are full of one-sided tales. Men who feel they have been wronged by a Russian woman or a Russian dating website flock to these websites to share their stories with a sympathetic audience. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to vent, problems arise when these accounts are portrayed as or perceived as indisputable facts.

You may have heard the saying that there are three sides to every story: what he said, what she said, and what really happened. It’s second nature for people to present themselves in a favorable light, and this can cause someone to gloss over or omit facts, often without even realizing it. Therefore, anecdotal stories on Russian dating forums and blacklist websites should always be approached objectively rather than blindly accepted as absolute truth.  

It’s an unfortunate fact that HotRussianBrides is widely discussed on blacklists and forums. Some gentlemen cancel their accounts after reading stories posted there, citing the anecdotal, often anonymous, tales as evidence of a scam. Other gentlemen take the accounts with a grain of salt and/or call our office to hear our side of the story. More often than not, the men who consider both points of view choose to remain members of HotRussianBrides and go on to have a satisfactory experience.  

Quite simply, there are two sides to every story and it’s impossible to make an informed decision without hearing from both. How would you feel if a judge issued a ruling against you without speaking to you first?  If you read a disturbing tale about HotRussianBrides, please contact us to hear our version of events. Don’t let an anecdotal tale posted by an anonymous author scare you away from finding the Russian woman of your dreams.