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There's definitely a mystique to russian women

3. August 2016 by Admin 0 Comments

Put simply, Russian women are highly desirable as mail order brides for Western men. There are many reasons for this. Russian women - especially ones that seek to marry foreigners - tend to be gorgeous and athletic. Although this is obviously a selling point, there's much more. Russian culture encourages women to look their best, take pride in being a homemaker, respect their husbands and to generally embody traditional female values. Furthermore, Russian women are often gregarious and fun-loving, and, as such, are useful for Western men who are searching for a wife who can entertain guests and shine at business functions. There's definitely a mystique to Russian women. Forbes Magazine writer Kiri Blakeley and many others have tried to define why this is, but it's a hard thing to put into words. Maybe it's the excellent English spoken in a slightly exotic accent or maybe it's the great skin and high cheekbones. Whatever the reason, Russian women have their own unique attraction, and this is perhaps the reason that so many of them are successful models. It doesn't hurt that they tend to have a great work ethic as well. Despite their beauty, style and loyalty, Russian women are often not appreciated at home by their husbands, and this means that many of them are seeking foreigners to marry who will give them the loving attention they deserve. A Newsweek Magazine article discusses the modern phenomenon of coffee shops and nightclubs of cities in Russia being full of beautiful and lonely women who are immaculately groomed and fashionably dressed. The same article mentions that divorce rates in Russia are climbing, and not because of women; it's the Russian men who drink too much, play around and dump their significant others for no good reason. Additionally, the article explains, Russian women outnumber Russian men because men in Russia die at higher rates early in life as a result of alcoholism and industrial accidents, so there's a surplus of unattached women. All of these factors lead to a situation that's great for Western men seeking wives: a large group of attractive Russian women of great character who want out of their native country. Sometimes, these women seem too good to be true. Casual visitors to the website of Hot Russian Brides, a social connection site for Russian women looking for foreign men, often mistake it for a fashion modeling agency website because the over 20,000 single Russian single women on the site seeking husbands pose and look like models. These women aren't inaccessible, however; in fact, single men can start chatting with them and get to know them almost right away. Frequently, one things leads to another, and a happy marriage where both spouses get exactly what they are looking for is the result.