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Things Russian Women Love to Hear

19. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

What are the magic words you can say to make a hot Russian bride fall madly in love with you? Unfortunately, there is no single phrase that does it (or if there is, we’ve never heard of it). There are, however, certain things you can say and do to greatly enhance a woman’s interest in you. Here are five of the things that women absolutely love to hear their men say. 

“You Look Great”
Simple and sincere compliments are things of which women can’t get enough. Little comments on her looks or her talents every now and then will get you far. It’s a polite way of telling her you find her attractive. And it means a lot if she has gone to a lot of trouble to look good. However, you would be wise not to inundate her with false expressions of praise. She will see right through that.

“How Was Your Day?”
A question like that that shows genuine interest in her life will get you far. What’s better is if you can show enthusiasm for any news she gives you about her life. If she obtains a major achievement, get excited about it and compliment her. The more interest you demonstrate toward the things she likes, the more she will like you.

“How do You Feel About This?”
Asking a Russian woman her opinion on just about anything shows that you’re concerned about her feelings. More than likely, she will be eager to express her thoughts on whatever you ask about. This kind of a compassionate gesture will show her that you pay attention to her and will make her more attracted to you.

“Thank You”
It could be said that women are not thanked enough for the things they do. Certainly, many of the responsibilities that come with being a woman (i.e. motherhood) are often overlooked or taken for granted by society. Because of this, the simple act of saying “thanks” can mean a lot to a woman, whether it is for something kind she does for you, a compliment she gives you, or a simple thanks for taking the time to chat.

“You’re the One for Me”
Short of saying, “I love you,” this is the best way to express exclusive devotion to your Russian lady. But be careful not to utter something this heavy until the moment is right with the right lady. When you have gotten to know a lady for a sufficient period of time and you feel a deep connection with her, she will love nothing more than to know that you are committed to her.

Little turns of phrase like the ones listed above have the potential to greatly enhance a lady’s interest in you. Just be sure to be crafty in your choice of words and always wait for the right time to speak.