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Things That Russian Ladies Like

3. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

When you are in a conversation with a Russian lady who is intent on making you happy, it’s natural to want her to enjoy herself, too. What are some things that Russian ladies like?


Compliment Her

Sincerely, of course. If she has a new haircut, or looks particularly stunning today, let her know. These sorts of compliments can really brighten her day. Don’t overdo it, of course. No one feels comfortable with a conversation that is all about how wonderful she is!


Make Her Laugh

Women all over the world like a man with a sense of humor, and ladies in the FSU are no exception. Jokes should probably be kept somewhat simple to make sure that the humor comes across even with the language barrier.


Look Your Best

When you take a picture of yourself to send her, consider dressing up in a suit and tie. Russian ladies put a lot of effort into their appearances. Return the favor and send her a photo in your nicest clothes. Gentlemen who have visited the FSU say that they always get compliments when the ladies see them with that “Western businessman” look.


Show Genuine Interest

It feels great when she asks about your day, and wants to get to know more about you, right? The best way to repay her is to show her the same interest. Ask her about her job or classes, what she did over the weekend, or how she feels about the things that are important to you.

There’s nothing that feels quite like being in a warm, mutually affectionate relationship. By putting in the effort to make her feel happy and cared for, you are certain to reap the rewards, as well.