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Think Her Messages Don’t Seem Authentic?

5. July 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

If you’re a new member (or even one who isn’t so new), you’ve likely received a lot of messages from the women of HRB. These messages are often vague and leave many men wondering if the women on our site are truly interested in finding a match. Here are a few things to know about HRB email and Russian women.

First, it’s not unusual for men, particularly new members, to receive an overwhelming amount of email. Unlike traditional dating sites, HRB has significantly more women then men. The ladies know this and therefore try to reach out to as many interesting men as possible. If just 0.5% of HRB’s women sent a new member an email, he’d still find 50 messages in his inbox. It doesn’t take much for the messages to pile up.

The lopsided membership base is also behind vague introductory emails. The women know they might not receive a reply to their mail, so in the interest of saving time they send a generic message instead. Once a man replies, the communication will become more personal and specific. It’s also important to note that men send generic messages as well. While it would be ideal if singles wrote personalized messages each and every time, it just doesn’t happen.

Overwhelmed by the number of messages from beautiful Russian women? There are certainly worse problems to have. However, here are a few tips for handling correspondence on HotRussianBrides.com.