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Think She's a Scammer? Let us Know!

21. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Now and then, users of HotRussianBrides.com will express concerns that a specific Russian woman is not actually interested in finding love, but instead is a so-called “scammer,” seeking money, gifts or other items. We take these accusations very seriously, and thus we have instituted safeguards to prevent the illegitimate use of our Web site.


“In actuality, real scams are rare, at least on our site,” said Nadia May, vice president of marketing for HotRussianBrides.com. “The reason why is because we have a lot of things in place that help us prevent them.”


Below are some of the ways HotRussianBrides.com strives to not only prevent scams, but also to manage the situation in the unlikely event that a lady does misuse the service.


Video Validation

Specifically, May points to HRB’s video validation procedure, which requires all of the Russian women who use the service to swear via video that they will abide by the HRB Terms of Use and never request or accept gifts or monetary compensation from any party.


“We make the rules very clear to them and document it on video so that she can never say that she was unaware,” May said.


Other Preventative Tips

Warnings and safety tips with advice on how to prevent scams as well as specific rules of conduct for all members are found throughout HotRussianBrides.com and in our Terms of Use. Rules aside, common sense is often the best protection from a suspected scam. This includes never honoring a request to send money to a Russian lady and only sending gifts if the gift comes from the heart, rather than from her request.


Investigation if there is a Scam

In the event that a gentleman claims that any Russian lady attempted to scam him, HotRussianBrides.com staff will investigate the matter by examining chat logs and other records to determine if the claim is legitimate. We strive to hear all sides of an argument before making a determination.


“Our process always has us look at the straight facts, never face away from the truth, and take the appropriate measures,” May said. “We believe in taking a responsible approach to any cases brought to our attention, without prejudgment.”


If a lady is found to have violated the rules, she will be removed from the site and prevented from using it in the future.


Scams vs. Misunderstandings

Even with such concern about scams via internet services, actual cases of women attempting to scam users of HotRussianBrides.com are extremely rare. More often than not, what a gentleman claims is a scam turns out to be a misunderstanding.


In the past, women have suggested during chats that they would enjoy receiving certain gifts (chocolates, for example). But unless she specifically requests for the gentleman to send something to her, it is not considered a violation. Similarly, a gentleman can accuse a woman of being a scammer when she refuses his premature marriage proposal. It is important to always remember that just because a lady uses HotRussianBrides.com, does not guarantee that she will agree to marry if a gentleman proposes.


“We want to hear when there is a legitimate scam,” May said. “But we also encourage our users to distinguish between a scam, a misunderstanding, and mere disinterest from the lady.”


In using HotRussianBrides.com, you can rest assured that each of our ladies is real and each has agreed to abide by our Terms of Service. If at any point in communicating with a Russian lady you feel that she is attempting a scam, we encourage you to bring the matter to our attention. Only at HotRussianBrides.com, can you be sure of this level of honesty in business.