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Think the Ladies’ Profile Photos Look Too Good to Be True?

4. March 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Many gentlemen worry about fake or misleading profile photos on Russian dating sites. After all, what Russian bride seeker hasn’t heard horror stories about gentlemen duped by men pretending to be women or profiles with pictures of celebrities? Thankfully, HotRussianBrides keeps members safe from devious Russian scammers with intro videos and live video streaming. 


Intro Videos  

Introduction videos are pre-recorded videos in which a lady demonstrates a hobby, talks about what she is looking for in a partner, conducts a day-in-the-life tour, etc. While intro videos are a great way for gentlemen to get a feel for the women behind the profiles, the videos also make great validation tools. In just a few seconds, members can see that the woman in the video is the same person pictured in the profile and that her appearance on camera matches her appearance in photos. Bonus: HotRussianBrides is offering free intro videos on International Women's Day (March 8)!


Video Streaming

HotRussianBrides’ live video streaming service is another tool that can help put members’ minds at ease. As with introduction videos, gentlemen can use live video streaming to verify that their online crush is real and that the lady’s profile photos are accurate. However, live video streaming is also a great way to build rapport with a woman Qand check out the more subtle things about a person than can make him or her attractive. For example, voice, body language, mannerisms, etc.

Concerns about fake or misleading profile photos are common among Russian bride seekers. However, thanks to profile videos and live video streaming, members of HotRussianBrides.com don’t to worry about this common deception.