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Thinking of sending money to Russian ladies? Don’t!

4. February 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

One of the most important suggestions we can give our members interested in their own safety is to be sure not to send money to Russian single girls on our site. It is never a good idea to send money to anyone you haven’t met in person, and on an international dating site this goes doubly so.


Kiev girls and Ukraine ladies who sign up on our system are asked to sign documents that affirm that they will not request money or gifts from our members, and that they will not accept money for their participation here. In our Terms of Use for the gentlemen, we warn specifically against sending money to any of the stunning Russian ladies on the site. Unless you have met someone in person and trust them wholeheartedly, it is a risky proposition to exchange money with them. Even afterwards, it is a good idea to be very careful about sending money; as such actions can cause expectations and conflicts that could backfire later on in the relationship.


Rather than sending cash to a lady, a process which is not traceable and usually uninsured, you can always send her a gift directly through the HotRussianBrides.com gift shop. Our Russian dating agencies provide you with delivery confirmation and photographic proof of the delivery, so you know that the Russian lady has received the gift you have purchased for her.


Photo: SXC user Penywise