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Three Common Russian Dating Scenarios and How to Handle Them

14. April 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

If a gentleman spends enough time on HotRussianBrides.com he’s sure to experience one of these common Russian dating scenarios. Here’s the best way to handle them.


Scenario: You find an intriguing lady, exchange a few promising emails, establish a seemingly special connection, and then she disappears.


How to Handle It: While we strive to make HotRussianBrides a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience, there will always be members who stop using the service. Some make this decision after losing a job or relocating to another city, while others may be busy with work or school. Some members may simply decide that our service isn’t a good fit or that international dating isn’t for them. Every man or woman is free to do as they wish and are under no obligation remain on the site or tell us why they decided to leave.


While it’s certainly disappointing when an online love interest disappears from a dating website, it’s also a normal part of the online dating experience. The best way to handle this situation is to move on and focus on finding new ladies to chat with rather than dwelling on a disappearance or demanding to know where a woman has gone.


Scenario: You’re bombarded with emails from a woman (or women) you’re just not interested in.


How to Handle It: HotRussianBrides’ Black Book is the perfect tool for gentlemen who want to sort and organize their email. With it, members can view mail sent only by Favorites, Admirers, Matches, and Intimate Contacts, saving them the arduous task of sorting through dozens of email to find a message from one particular lady. For more detailed information, please view our Black Book tutorial. Members also have the option of blocking a lady’s or ladies’ emails should they not wish to receive them. One other option is to simply ignore unsolicited emails from women who don’t interest you and focus on emails from ladies who do strike your fancy.


Scenario: You send a message to a lady who seems perfect for you. However, she never responds.


How to Handle It: While it can be frustrating to spend time crafting the perfect introduction mail to a lovely lady only to have her never reply, this experience is common to online dating, Russian or otherwise. The best way to handle a woman who doesn’t reply is to move on and find a lady who does respond. Pestering a woman with follow up emails demanding to know why she hasn’t written back is not advised. After all, the ladies, like the gentlemen, are free to respond or not respond to whoever they wish.