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Three Great Workouts for Summer

27. June 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

When it gets hot outside, it can be hard to keep up on your promise to yourself about your daily run. But, fitness remains important year round. Instead of giving up completely, add these hot weather workout options to your routine.


Mall Walk It

Yes, we understand that shows like Modern Family joke that this is the old people workout. But, when it’s blazing hot outside and you are sapped of energy, it can be exactly the right midweek workout. Instead of heading home after work, drive to the mall and walk a few laps while you soak in their cool, refreshing AC.


You’re on a Boat!

Is there a river, lake or beach near you? Rent a kayak for the day and start paddling. Kayaking is a great upper body workout with plenty of aerobic benefits, as well. Plus, being on the water means you can give yourself a good dunk when you get too hot.


Break Down and Join a Gym

Even if you are dedicated to outdoor, independent workouts, summer could be a good time to break down and join a no-contract gym for a few months. You’re more likely to work out if you aren’t stepping out into blazing heat to do so. So, look at gyms near you that let people go month to month. Just make sure that there aren’t any policies in place that will force you to hold onto the membership after the weather gets cool enough for you to take your workouts outdoors again.


Photo: StockXCHNG contributor geezerpk