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Three Little Words: Women are Insecure

23. October 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Read enough women’s magazines (no problem, I’ll do it for you) and you’ll see that women are never satisfied with their looks. We’re forever comparing ourselves not only to the women around us, but to some airbrushed ideal that few can achieve -- at least before the salon doors open. While Russian women seem to ooze a certain confidence in their femininity and style, every woman needs compliments. It’s up there with air and water.


Women are never totally satisfied with their appearance

I knew a TV news anchor, one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever met, who wed a very high-profile plastic surgeon. I ran into her several years later and was taken aback:  she was so nipped and tucked, liposuctioned and Botoxed that I barely recognized her. When I commented on how cool it must be to have free access to every weapon in the beauty arsenal, she shrugged. “Yeah, but he can’t do anything about my fat ankles.”  Women actually bond over these things!


The things she won’t tell you

Even stars relish dishing personal beauty secrets to that border on TMI: Sandra Bullock uses hemmorhoid cream for under-eye bags. Jennifer Lopez dots toothpaste to zap zits. Heidi Klum wears Cherry Jell-O on her lips.  It’s the ultimate bonding ritual for a woman to share which of her features vex her most. Her friends then do their best to soothe, then one-up her with their own flaws.  But she won’t always tell you. Learn from this. Tell her over and over you think she’s beautiful they way she is. Repeat often!


Women channel their mothers

Inside every woman’s head is a tape that loops such admonishments as, “Stand up straight! Are you going out looking like that? Put on just a little lipstick, will you? Stomach in!” There’s no mistaking that voice! Mom undoubtedly had her daughter’s best interests at heart, and some of her ideas actually made sense, but too much negativity can crack the mirror.


Where you come in

Of course, no one is perfect, but we learn to find flaws charming and unique. Especially when we’re in love. But certainly you noticed her best features right away, and then you got to know her better and found some more. Whatever you do, don’t keep this information to yourself! Too many men think it sounds insincere to say “Your eyes are such a gorgeous green” for the 10,000th time. Take a page from her mom’s playbook and don’t let up – ever!


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