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Three Strategies to Get Your International Dating Profile Noticed

25. June 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Because of the great gender ratios in Russian dating, it is a lot easier to find a great lady for you. But, even when the odds are already on your side, there are things that you can do to make them even better. These strategies will help you get your profile noticed.


Pick an Attention-Grabbing Main Photo

Your profile image should be you at your very best. Whether that is in your best suit with a fresh haircut and shave or you on the trail with a mountain vista in the background, what is important is that it be eye-catching.


If you are snapping a photo specifically for use on your profile, take a few so that you can pick and choose. Take your picture in a place where there is good light and a clean, uncluttered background.


Be Clear, Inviting and Original When Describing What You Want

Think about the specific things that you consider must-haves from that special lady. Include them, always positioning them as qualities you are enthusiastic about, not bullet points like you’d see in a job offering. For instance, talk about how excited you are at the prospect of meeting an intelligent and carefree lady to explore the world with you.


Keep Your “About Me” Clear and to the Point

Few ladies will be up for reading a wall of text on your international dating profile. Think about your most important dating “selling points” and include those. Eliminate anything generic and stick to the qualities that make you a unique and worthwhile catch. Include a sentence or so about your hobbies and interests so that she can get to know a little about you.


Log on now, spruce up your profile and start chatting with single Russian ladies.


Photo: Flickr contributor DeclanTM