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Time Travel, Taxidermy at The State Natural History Museum

7. February 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

The oldest Natural History Museum in Ukraine has reopened in Lviv after two decades of renovations. The collection includes over 500 artifacts, most of which have never been seen by the public. 


Founded in 1870 by the famous Galician philanthropist Duke Volodymyr Didushtysky, the museum’s first exhibition is called "Travel to The Past." 


Taxidermied treasures include a woolly rhinoceros and mammoth, both of which were found in 1907 at an ozokerite mine located in the pre-Carpathian region near Starunya village.


"The mammoth was found well-preserved with skin and muscles still intact, however, before the scientists arrived, the local villagers had already taken parts of the mammoth’s skin in order to make shoes," explained one of the museum's guides, Omelchuk Oksana. "Well, of course the scientists were a bit disappointed, but if only the villagers knew how expensive their new shoes were!"


The museum now has plans to modernize the facility even further. 


"We have a goal to be one of the best museums in Europe," explains curator Andriy Bokotey. "That’s why we want to build a new and contemporary style for presenting our artifacts, which would be interesting for our visitors, kids and scientists."



Source, Photos: Worldwide News Ukraine