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Tips for Better Communication

2. March 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

As email and instant chat are the primary modes of communication on HotRussianBrides.com, it’s important that a gentleman be able to write messages that are clear and concise. Below are a few simple tips to help you better communicate with the ladies on our site.


Be Careful With Slang and Web Acronyms

It’s important to remember that slang may baffle non-native speakers. To avoid confusion, consider writing beautiful instead of hot, upset instead of bent out of shape, lost instead of blew, dressed nicely instead of decked out, etc. If a lady does not understand something, be patient and take the time to explain it to her.  Explaining slang can be a fun way to share your culture and bond with a lady of choice.

Web acronyms may also be a source of confusion. Though Internet slang like LOL, BRB, BTW, TY, etc. is common, many people, native speakers and foreigners alike, are not familiar with the meanings. To avoid unnecessary confusion, use web slang sparingly or only use acronyms once you are sure a lady will understand.


Use Proper Punctuation and Spacing

Even though you are writing to a non-native speaker, punctuation, proper grammar, and spacing is still important. While your messages don’t have to be perfect, it’s still important to use periods, questions marks, and proper spacing. Sentences with no punctuation or those that run together are confusing and difficult to read. It also helps to break lengthy messages into small paragraphs, rather than one long block of text.

While a gentleman should feel free to express himself, he must remember that he is courting a non-native speaker and that slang, web acronyms, and a lack of punctuation or spacing may confuse the intended recipient. Following the simple tips outlined above is one way to better communicate with your special Russian lady.