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Tips for Courting Russian Ladies

21. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

One of the great things about Russian ladies is that they are from a culture that is far more traditional. And, those old-fashioned customs include courtship. Women in the Ukraine and Russian enjoy a courting gentleman’s romantic efforts. A few tips on how to treat a Russian bride right:


Be attentive in your correspondence with your Russian lady. When you IM and email her, ask her about her day, her family and her life. Remember important days like holidays and her birthday. (Our new birthday notifications make it very easy for you to keep track of her special day.) Occasional surprise gifts (while certainly not a requirement!) are another way to show your affection. 


In the Former Soviet Union, chivalry is alive and well. Hold the door for her when the two of you enter a building. Offer her your arm when you walk down the street. Open the door and offer a hand when you enter or exit a car. If it is unexpectedly chilly, offer your jacket. If you and your date go shopping, offer to take her bags. Russian ladies love to be treated like ladies, and these gestures will be noticed and appreciated.


Be compassionate and polite. The old adage is even more true when it comes to Russian dating: always assume error before malice. You and your Russian sweetheart are forming a relationship over thousands of miles, with the added impediments of a language barrier and the difficulties inherent in text-based communication. You will occasionally misunderstand each other. It’s inevitable. When this happens, ask questions before jumping to angry conclusions. The Russian ladies who choose to use our site are seeking romance just as you are, and, they are more likely to find it with those who are patient and kind to them.


One of the greatest parts of Russian dating is the opportunity to participate in a style of courtship that is falling out of fashion in many western countries. Russian ladies will be charmed and touched that you treat her with such care. Log in now to meet and court the Russian lady of your dreams.